What happened in the last algorithm change


What happened in the last algorithm change. The algorithm is updated frequently  and all to improve the user’s life. In addition, it has become increasingly complete and efficient in eliminating pages that adopt malicious practices. Evolution has acted to improve the understanding of users’ search intentions. It is important that you understand  it is not possible to understand everything about these changes, you need to be aware and understand the main ones so impacte. Criteria that lost weight With regard to interaction time, that is, the time it takes for a page to load until it becomes available for browsing . It was the one that had the greatest reduction in importance. In this case recording a drop from percentage points.

New criteria that have been adde Still among

Here, with regard to the criterion of measuring the speed rendering, a user-centric metric to measure perceive loading speed, was another aspect that lost importance New Zealand Phone Numbers List from . New criteria that have been added Still among the changes, the tool reformulated and adapte some of the criteria. Lighthouse, for example, no longer uses the metric for a page to become minimally interactive or the metric for displaying primary content to the user. After the update three new criteria start to be considered. The total block time, cumulative layout change, and perceive most content, which analyzes the rendering time of the most visible text block or image within the viewport.

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There are some tips you can follow to prevent your

How not to be negatively impacte by the algorithm change. I believe you already understand the importance of staying informean bout Google algorithm updates. Therefore, you need to know how to prepare yourself to face these updates in a way that you are not negatively  Mobile Lead  impacte . There are some tips you can follow to prevent your site from being negatively affecte by the new Google update. Here they go: Create a delta report . When a new update comes out, sites undergo changes in their placements in search engine results. Therefore, a well-elaborate plan is require to solve the problem. It is advisable to prepare a delta report .  Analyzing the main landing pages during the period of launching an update. This is because when you filter the most important information  it is possible to identify the factors that contribute to the drop in oscillations.

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