Caught your eye on your Dasha, and she commented in her own style on the statements of the director of the film studio. Here are the times and manners. Ksenia Anatolyevna remained. This time Sobchak invited Karen Shakhnazarov, the director and general director of the Mosfilm film concern, to her talk and talked about the problems of Russian cinema, however, without crying about the fate of domestic private cinemas, which, according to the party and government, “did not live richly – so there is nothing to get used to ”and .

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The interview passed without mentioning the fate of cinemas, because their fate was already predetermined there by someone  from above, and this someone else decided during the pandemic that the Russians no longer needed this leisure area. Or like a holy place is never empty. We didn’t finish it then – we’ll finish it now. Or … That’s it, I understand, I’m not distracted. to Shakhnazarov. The master says the following: On the one Marshall Islands B2B List hand, [the departure of American cinema] is a loss, but on the other hand, it is a chance. Another question is how much we will use it. To what extent our bourgeois elite, which today is the class that is in power in.

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Russia, will be able to organize the process

Because in fact there are no competitors, they left. In fact, our market was taken over by the Americans. All these reports that everything is fine here are not. Here they are gone. What to do? Unfortunately, I hear that our distributors are sitting Mobile Lead and waiting for everything to end and everything will return. But I have never heard that it is necessary to fight. That let’s build a system that will produce not a hundred films, but three hundred. Let’s think about how to do it, find new markets. And there are markets – Asian, where first-class cinema is.


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