Eighty professionals have participated in the fifth edition of the  business challenge hackathon. A reference open innovation event in valencia, where in just 24 hours, the teams must solve the challenges posed by 8 leading companies at the national level. On november 25 and 26, the fifth edition of the innova&action business challenge hackathon took place . A meeting organized by innova&action, which is already a milestone in valencia, and which, every year, manages to bring together the best talent in the capital of turia.

On this occasion nearly eighty restless

Minds participated, willing to contribute creative and disruptive ideas to provide solutions to the business challenges proposed, in this fifth edition, by 5gcat, acciona energía , aquaservice , ecoembes , itene , iturri , signus ecovalor and telpark. Without a doubt, a milestone in Canada WhatsApp Number Data open innovation that would not have been possible without the strong commitment of the eight companies and organizations, which believe in innovation as a driver of change and transformation. An innovation that relies on people and local talent, as true agents and promoters of change.

A total of sixteen multidisciplinary

Teams have made up this marathon of ideas. A selection and combination of completely disparate profiles, to guarantee the balance between technical knowledge, skills and personalities, and thus be able to Brazil WhatsApp Number List achieve an endless number of disruptive proposals. As is the case of the aspasia team, winner of this new edition thanks to its innovative and sustainable idea for the challenge of the iturri company. A project that has managed to convince the jury, due to its great potential, viability and attractiveness.


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