Web Page Where They Are Asked to Enter Their Login Information

Allowing the criminal to access their account. They usually clone the design so that it does not draw so much attention that it is not official. 5 tips to identify a phishing email suspicious url As I said before, the key to knowing if we are dealing with a phishing email is to look at the URL to which the email is directed.  IMPORTANT : do not click, just move your mouse up and down in the left corner of the browser you will see the web address it leads to. Another option to be able to see the URL to which it leads is to right click .

Copy link address and paste it into a document

Or notepad to check if it points to an official page or a suspicious one. Another point to check is if that URL is safe or not . If it is http or https. Generally, websites that request sensitive data use the secure https protocol. And the phishing ones are http. That will give you another clue. http vs https Unofficial email address Related to the previous point, look at the sender China B2B List who sent the email. The domain is not usually the official one and that attracts a lot of attention. Take a look at this example from the Tax Agency: phishing attempt The sender’s email is noreplys1eagenciatributaria.es If noreplys1 attracts attention, imagine the domain eagenciatributaria.

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Treasury panic

But of course, that “e” after the usually goes unnoticed and people with things from the. Spelling mistakes Guerrilla phishing doesn’t even care about typing correctly . Therefore, an email with capital letters, many exclamations and misspellings is usually Mobile Lead suspected of phishing . Look at this example of phishing suffered by Google and how poorly written it is. phishing example Image source: OSI urgent messages Another alert to detect a possible phishing email is the urgency to take action on the message. They usually say “do it now” or “you have X days”, etc.

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