Million Monthly Users on Instagram Instagram Has Twice as Many Users as Snapchat

Photography and visual communication overcome language barriers, a perfect proof of this is that Instagram has reach another breakthrough user level. The popularity of the service has accelerat significantly in recent years, mainly thanks to users from countries such as Japan, Germany, France and Indonesia. Instagram now has over 500 million users, which is twice as many as in 2014. Interestingly, since September 2015, 100 million new users have arriv on the site. As many as 80% of Instagram users are from outside the US, compar to 75% in September last year. In the United States alone, the community service has 100 million users – round over two Polish. But even more impressively, Instagram has 300 million daily active users, proving that people love to see and share photos.

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And sharing statistics is to encourage advertisers to be present on the site even more. Despite the increase in the number of users, there is a statistic that down. While it report 300 million monthly users, 70 million images were shar per day, out of 400 million monthly Somalia B2B List users, it had 80 million images per day. And now, out of 500 million users, it has 95 million photo shares a day. This trend may be caus, among other things, by the growing popularity of Snapchat.

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Spotify confirmed in today’s The Telegraph that the service has more than 100 million monthly active users worldwide, including around 30 million subscribers using the paid version of the service. In comparison, Eddy Cue announced last week at WWDC 2016 that Mobile Lead Apple Music has 15 million paid subscriptions – after only a year of existence. Apple Music had 13 million subscribers in April and 11 million subscribers in February this year, which means that the increase in users is about 2 million subscribers every two months.

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