More and more visual results It is noticeable that with a more visual approach, so that users explore more information on topics such as travel, people, animals plants. Another innovative idea is that Google has been working to make the results more attractive along the page. To that end, the search engine is adding an “explore” feature to find more information on topics relate to the original query as they scroll down the SERP. Another importan beginning of next year, users will have access to translate news coverage, this applies to both local and international news. This using machine translation, Google Search will show the top headlines already translate in the SERPs.

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Custom Surveys Google has expande the “About This Result” feature that brings the personalization use to perform that search. In this case, in addition to the user knowing that these results were personalize in some way, he also has the option of Australia Mobile Number List deactivating the personalization. more immersive maps Among the major transformations, Google results now show pages of products, articles and advertisements first, before the traditional results. These are changes that are relate to modernization and new trends on the internet. At the Search On event in San Jose, California, Google presente the news. According to the company’s proposal, the idea is to move away from searches for texts and results, starting to focus on images and more immersive materials.

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With these changes users receive more immersive responses. When searching for a vacation destination, the user will find “visual forward” results, with photographs organized in blocks, similar to Snapchat and Instagram stories. In addition, the search provides maps and images of travel sites with the respective links to the page. Updates Mobile Lead  that occurred in 2022 Glenn Gabe, an expert in the field of digital marketing, has been analyzing Google updates, especially those with results recommendations. Below are some narrated experiences of his analysis. “More recommendations” on Google Discover Using Google Discover while researching his favorite sunglasses brand, Glenn came across another search option, “more recommendations”. In this, when clicking on the button, the specialist was directed to a page with information, videos, recommendations and comparison functionalities.


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