That indicate the future of online surveys how to prepare for the future.  Online Search Therefore, here we are going to explain about the future of online surveys and what you need to know to adapt to this virtual sales reality that is increasingly streng thene  and is on the way to change. Algorithm Change: How to Stay Relevant on Google Google . Abou future of online surveys In September there was another Google event, call Search in which the main trends and updates of Google Search, Google Shopping. Google Discovery and other platforms were launch and .  At the time google announce some features. A fact that makes it necessary for companies to prepare themselves to adjust their SEO strategies for the coming years.

Android smartphones later this year

SEO Trends To Increase Your Site’s Visibility . Expansion of multi search this Google lens feature allows the use of the cell phone camera to add a text query through an image search, thus improving the search parameters. Thus, the Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List multiple search, as we That indicate can also call it.  Became known in 2021 only for searches in English and is to expand it tomonths. You can test the new feature by running an image query with Google Lens and then scrolling down the page to the Add to your search button. Multiple Search pesto  Testing for multiple search by location was also being done by Google. Thus, in this case. Google allows you to use image and text search, targeting locations close to you. This function is in the testing phase, so the release will only be for searches in English in the Unite States. But it is estimate that soon this feature will also be such as multi-search.


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Expansion of multi search this Google lens feature allows


Text translation in Google Lens  searches are  an update will be made available to Google Lens to make Mobile Lead  the translate information clearer. Therefore, Lens allows the user to point the camera at any type of text and, soon, the image is translate. Thus the search engine inslate text. Shortcuts and search refinement The Google Search app for will get shortcuts that will make it easier to search, translate, use voice search, upload screenshots and other functionality. So, the news is that the new features will also reach . Android smartphones later this year. In addition, the search engine launches new refinements for autocomplete, including for search results.


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