Most mobile devices now have cameras that will take great high-resolution photos. What if you want to take original retro photos with a lot of noise or low resolution? You can take out the old camera. Use Photoshop or install the appropriate application with ready-made filters. The new BitCam app from Iconfactory will let you take pictures with your  smartphone that will look like you took them with a camera  in minicomputers from 1996. The application was creat to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Iconfactory and to be able to “go back to the past”. The interface of the app is actually really fun – the simple retro navigation gives the impression that the app is from the mid-nineties. After launching the app. We are ask for access to the camera and after permission we can immediately take original photos.

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Black and white photographs remind us of the first days of the Internet, before colorful Internet graphics arrived on our monitors. BitCam application screenshots The free version of the BitCam application offers three shooting modes that differ in the quality of taking pictures. After paying $1.99, you can unlock taking photos with a limited  number of colors. Before you decide to unlock paid features. You can check on the BitCam website what effects you can get. You can download the BitCam Turkmenistan B2B List app for free on your iPhone or iPod touch from the App Store – you must have iOS 9 or later installed. Like most modern voice assistants that are available on our iOS. Android or Windows mobile devices. The Google Now feature is able to recognize and perform intelligent voice tasks to help us with our daily activities.

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Commands and questions that can be asked to the service in real time. It seems that the new website , created by Kristijan Ristovski, solves many Mobile Lead problems. Molni voice assistants (Google Now, Siri, Cortana, Alexa) No one can deny that digital voice assistants such as Google Now, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana or Amazon Alexa are powerful and truly versatile. However, keep in mind that assistants have a very limited number of baseline commands.


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