Email Marketing Price: Free 🪄Features: The Acumbamail WordPress plugin is a great complement if you use this tool to send your email marketing campaigns. The integration is very simple since once you install and activate it you must enter the authorization token (which we provide in the account). From that moment on. You will be able to select the form you want to be displayed in the widgets section of your WordPress. A great option to avoid going around with HTML codes. If you use Acumbamail take a look at this integration .

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It allows you to insert the forms create on said platform to attract subscribers. If you use MailChimp it will be a good option to be able to add it easily to your website. It also has integrations with different contact form plugins to be able to capture the email and add them to your contact list. However, MailChimp in recent years has been turning to become a marketing Indonesia B2B List giant and that has been reflecte in prices . Although the plugin is free, the tool is not exactly cheap, and there are other much cheaper and more effective alternatives in the sector. MailerLite mailerlite plugin.

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MailerLite to be able to insert your forms on your website and have them connect directly with your lists create there. They all work very similar. They are connecteby API with your tool account and from there you can choose. The form that you want toembe in your web page made in WordPress. Thrive Leads thrive leads wordpress Type: Form builder that. Integrates with email marketing platformsPrice: From €99 / year Features. We start by mentioning the plugins that Mobile Lead are form builders to attract subscribers. Thrive Leads is one of the best known and that integrates the most functionalities. The peculiarity of this plugin is the advance customization that it allows .


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