It’s a digital world — which is great news for inbound sales teams looking to find and convert more customers. Despite the number of tools and tricks and automations available to streamline the sales process, many prospects still slip through the cracks. Maybe you spend extra hours in the day to track down lost leads and cast about for new prospects that are maybe, possibly interest in your product or service. No? We don’t either. While you could spend hours poking around on LinkedIn or cold calling clients, there is a better way to fill your sales pipeline, filter out useless prospects, and hone in on qualifi prospects. And that better way is Leadfeeder. Today we’re going to show you how your sales team can use Leadfeeder to find those lost leads and convert them into highly qualifi prospects that you can actually convert.

What is Leadfeeder, and how can it help your sales team?

Ready Cool Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect in the next few pages (and jump links so you can skip ahead to the juiciest parts if you want. What is Leadfeeder, exactly? Fill your pipeline with sales prospects Qualify those prospects Make the first contact Present your offer Overcome objections Close the sale Optimize your sales process Note: Ready to fill your sales pipeline Zambia B2B List with warm, qualifi leads? Sign up for Leadfeeder’s free 14-day trial. What is Leadfeeder, and how can it help your sales team? Leadfeeder is a sales and marketing tool that identifies visitors (companies) visiting your website — even if they don’t sign in or leave their contact information.

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Here’s how to use Leadfeeder for your sales team

It’s lead generation 2.0. We flip the funnel upside down. new lead generation By placing a small bit of code on your website. Although, you can track and filter company leads base on a range of criteria, including their location, what pages they visit, their source, or even what size company they work for. That data can then be integrat into your CRM, marketing tools, or other sales tools, like Mobile Lead Pipedrive, MailChimp, and HubSpot. Sales is a competitive field. Although, Leadfeeder, you have an edge by providing access to buyer intent data you won’t get anywhere else. As a result, you can align sales with your marketing team and make better sales decisions.


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