We broke our heads here in the editorial office yesterday, but where do they suddenly find so many debutants in our country and where did they hide until 2022, if there is absolutely nothing to roll in cinemas. Imagine, there are only debutants around – only our smart editor-in-chief suddenly asks, and if you were a debutant at Koroche, then at Winter you will remain a debutant or he will already be a master. And in general, who is a debutant in cinematography. how much money is allocate, so much will be – until the rules are written. And so much will be written how much do you nee. With the creative industries, 3 special competitions have already been held and two non-special competitions, but the rules for.

What the creative industry is, have only just been approve

The fourth competition will be held. Therefore, our thoughts about debutants are not serious. But the second letter – which was sent by AVK to the President, but endeup again in the Ministry of Culture – is, of course, a masterpiece of the epistolary genre Ethiopia B2B List and the attitude of the authorities towards businessmen. If you haven’t read it, read it first. Recall that it was written as a complaint against the inaction of the Ministry of Culture. The Presidential Administration sent a complaint to the person they are complaining about.

Email List

This is, of course, a strong move

Loyal Like giving you one last chance to figure it out for yourself, that’s what I think. The chief laughs again and is touche by my naivety. There was a wise gleam in the eyes – but no one there read, they looke at the cap – and they shot as intende. I don’t believe it – I’m sure that they hinte to the. Minister of Culture – work. Olga Borisovna, and we will Mobile Lead observe and check. For example. I would do this if I was from the team of those same AP methodologists. However, she digresse. So, the Ministry of Culture, my dears, knows everything and even consoles in places. In total, no more than 1/5 of commercial halls are close. From March to June 2022, box office receipts were down 61.7% and ticket numbers were.


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