On the google+ social networking site. On the huawei mobile profile, an entry appear about the camera capabilities. Of the huawei p9 smartphone, with a photo taken with. A canon eos 5d mark iii camera for about $ 4,500. Although the entry does not say that. The photo was taken with a smartphone, it was undoubtedly. The intention that wehought so.as with many other photo sharing platforms, you can check exif ​​data on google+. In the details of the photo, we can easily read all the data about the exposure, iso and of course. The camera with which it was taken. In this infamous case, unfortunately, it was not the camera built into the huawei p9. A year after the launch of the music. Streaming service apple music, the company is reportedly. In talks to acquire tidal.

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The rival music streaming service, own by rapper Jay-Z since April 2015, is one of the few services that offers lossless music streaming for audiophiles. WiMP was previously own by Aspiro, and in January 2015 it was purchas for $56 million by Jay-Z and merg with Tidal. In March 2016, Tidal had 3 million subscribers. Given the fact that Apple Music has 15 million subscribers and is growing at a much faster pace than Tidal, Apple’s purchase of the service may bring several benefits. First and Trinidad and Tobago B2B List foremost, Tidal, thanks to Jay-Z’s influential connections in the music industry, is the first to offer exclusive content from popular musicians and bands. Second, lossless streaming technology could be of interest to Apple.

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Today, on the German version of the Samsung website, a video teaser of the Olympic edition of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (Ge7 Olympia) appear, from which we learn that the device will be reveal on July 7, 2016. However, do not expect any spectacular changes in the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Edition. Only the housing will Mobile Lead probably change, on which there will be color trim in the colors of the Olympic flag: yellow color around the home button and front speaker, red and green on the side buttons, and blue around the rear camera and the bottom in the form of the Olympic logo.


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