Phishing: guide to detect and avoid it Blog Acumbamail > Phishing: guide to detect and avoid it avatar photoAlicia Zunzunegui · Mar 20, 2023 · Advanced email marketing · 7 min phishing Knowing how to avoid phishing is essential both at a private and professional level because the theft of our data can cause us significant damage. But what exactly is this cybercrime and how can we identify it to avoid falling for it? In this article we review all these points to be well alert and avoid being victims of email phishing . Index What is email phishing? How to avoid a phishing attack by email?

Types of emails that are suspicious

What to do if you fall victim to an email phishing attack concluding What is email phishing? To obtain personal and sensitive information from victims through email. The goal of phishing is to trick the victim into revealing sensitive information, such as Burma B2B List passwords, credit card numbers, or login information for online accounts. Come on, we are talking about an Internet crime that many people suffer unfortunately due to ignorance.

Email List

When it comes to SMS attacks we talk about smishing

In fact, with the growth of electronic commerce, it is not uncommon for parcel delivery companies to suffer this type of impersonation to try  to deceive users. Check your SMS, surely you have a message like this. Spear-phishing and whaling, the most sophisticated evolution of phishing Both are phishing techniques . When we talk about spear-phishing, we are talking about a very Mobile Lead personalized technique that targets a specific group of individuals or companies. Attackers dig very carefully for information about targets and use this information to craft convincing and personalized emails that appear to come from legitimate sources . On the other hand, whaling is a type of spear-phishing that specifically targets high-profile people in an organization , such as executives, managers, and directors.


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