Mimpi Dreams Is a Cross-Platform Game That Combines Platforming Mechanics with Puzzles and Adventure Elements

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The Mimpi Dreams mobile game is available

A special professional mode allows you to set the ISO sensitivity, shutter and exposure time, focus plane, white balance or use the photometric mode. The camera is also equipp with panoramic, HDR and time-lapse modes. The hero of the second  part of the Mimpi Dreams mobile game is a nice dog nam Mimpi, who looks like our Reksio. The original Mimpi game, which was releas on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, OS X, Facebook and PC, had over a million downloads. The Czech design studio Uzbekistan B2B List Silicon Jelly, learning from the experience of the first part, has releas new adventures of the dog Mimpie. Although, which will surely appeal to many lovers of indie games. The game was award Games.cz Czech Best of 2015, PAX Indie Megaboth Showcase 2016 and Casual Connect Indie Prize Nominee 2016.

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Although, the game we control a nice dog nam Mimpi and along the way we have to solve many puzzles to help him avoid obstacles. Great graphics and colorful characters are of a high standard, and each element has been design with exceptional care. Although, lands Mobile Lead in which our hero travels are like taken out of a good Czech cartoon. In the game, we can interact with the objects we encounter, thanks to which we can immerse ourselves in the land of the game even better. The most intriguing thing about the game, however, is its distinctive 2D vector graphics carri over to unique scenes. The whole thing is base on vector graphics, thanks to which Mimpi can freely move around the entire board.

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