One of the golden rules of advertising is to follow the eyeballs of consumers. Currently, our eyes are focus most of the time mainly on smartphones, so it is not surprising that advertising budgets are also shifting towards mobile devices. According to the latest forecast by Zenith, advertisers around the world will spend an additional $75 billion on  mobile advertising in 2018 (compar to 2015). By then, mobile devices will overtake the fix internet and become the second largest advertising medium after television. Global annual mobile ad spend is project to reach $128 billion in 2018, compar to $91 billion for desktop-base online advertising. This chart shows the estimat change in annual ad spend between 2015 and 2018.

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Tech companies outdo each other in inventing various interesting vehicles to help people move themselves or objects quickly. It start with drones, which are use for a variety of purposes, from fun to transporting mail. Now is the time for  intelligent vehicles. This week, Xiaomi present the QiCycle electric folding bike , which becomes “smart” when pair with a smartphone. On the market Russia B2B List you can find a lot of concepts and ready-made vehicles-devices from hoverboards to drones that are suppos to transport people. – all these inventions are to help people to move short distances. Yamaha has unveil its latest concept of personal electric bikes and vehicles we could ride in the future.

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Smart clothing

But I would definitely prefer to ride a Xiaomi bike that resembles a classic folding bike. 06Gen electric vehicles The first vehicle, call 05Gen, works on a similar principle to an electric bicycle, but it has Mobile Lead three wheels and looks a bit like a children’s tricycle for adults. Yamaha describes the vehicle as a wearable device because it surrounds the rider like “smart clothing”. Yamaha 05Gen (E-Bike) The 05Gen bike has a curv visor that would protect against rain and sunlight.


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