It seems that Samsung has not stopped copying the solutions that Apple has. In a new patent application this week, the South Korean firm has provided sketches of a home button with a built-in fingerprint scanner and other sensors. This solution, calledTouch ID by Apple, has been use from the 2012 iPhone 5s model to the current iPhone 6s models. Samsung’s Android smartphones currently feature an elongated rectangular Home button, and now it looks like the company is trying to once again make its devices similar to the iPhone. Samsung suggests that the new button may have multiple sensors to “receive signals from the outside”.

Lumia’s Twitter support officially confirms

Proximity sensor, infrared sensor, and can even be a camera module. However, in another patent, Samsung shows a fingerprint scanner on the back of the device. Fingerprint scanner on the back cover – Samsung patent Like Apple, Samsung holds many patents that are never Albania B2B List actually appli to real products, so it’s hard to tell if this patent will be applie to any smartphone models. Fingerprint scanners have improved significantly in recent years, making their redesign seem unnecessary at the moment. t seems that the official Snapchat mobile application may finally appear on the Windows Phone platform.

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Mobile app for Windows Phone

From the official Spanish Lumia Soporte support Twitter account, employees revealed that Microsoft is working with its “friends” to release a Snapchat app for Windows smartphones. Screenshot from Twitter about Snapchat release information for Windows Phone Screenshot from Twitter about Snapchat release information for Windows Phone As for the date when Snapchat Mobile Lead will appear on Windows, unfortunately, no exact time frame has been given – a short tweet only informs that it will happen “soon”. It is worth mentioning that the information is probably from a support person, so there is no guarantee that the information is 100 percent certain.


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