Notifications are easier to manage and you can add custom widgets to one of your smartphone home screen pages. Siri’s voice assistant now also works with some third-party apps like Uber and WeChat. These are just some of the news you can read about on Apple’s website . iOS 10 will go through many beta iterations before the final version is ready for everyone to download. If you can’t wait, you can install the beta version today at your own risk. Nintendo’s Pokémon Go augmented reality mobile game is now available to download for free on Android and iOS devices. Over the past few months, the game has been available to a limited group of beta testers, and as of today, the game can be downloaded from the app store in selected countries around the world.

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Players must be within 30 meters of a Pokemon or Gym to interact with. Similar to the popular AR game Ingress, players must move around in order to play effectively. There are some clever elements in the Pokemon GO mobile game. For example, to find Pokemon in water, you have to go to bodies of water! Pokémon Gyms are located mostly in parks and churches, and PokéStops, places Sri Lanka B2B List where you can find free products, are located at local attractions. It took a long time for Nintendo to realize the potential of mobile game users. Pokémon GO has all the hallmarks of a great, addictive multiplayer game that requires more than just virtual interaction.

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The company has decided to make the game available for free, with in-app purchases and an optional $35 Pokémon Go Plus add-on, however, most users won’t have to spend a dime to enjoy this game. Pokemon GO screenshot Pokemon GO screenshot The game is not yet Mobile Lead available in Poland or the United States, although developer Niantic promises that it will soon appear in other regions. Players in Australia and New Zealand can download and play the game now. Android users can download the new game from the Google Play Store and iOS users from the App Store by clicking the buttons below.