Avast Ultimate Business Security also brings Wi-Fi security features, protecting the device even from public or unprotected networks and with a firewall that monitors traffic and blocks suspicious intrusions, in addition to an email protection system, blocking malicious websites. and suspicious downloads. It also has advanced security  and privacy tools and a system with layers of security, which include vulnerability scanning, automatic alerts, malware removal, sending suspicious files to the cloud for analysis, risk alerts and isolation of dangerous items. 2. AVG Antivirus Business Edition Capterra’s list includes AVG Antivirus Business Edition as a good antivirus AVG Antivirus Business Edition message informing updates Antivirus Business Edition protects companies’ networks against viruses, ransomware and malware.

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The tool also protects the company’s system from spyware and adware that try to track information. It allows remote access for settings and scheduling updates, and is capable of running off-hours scans to avoid employee distractions. The software also has a feature that detects and blocks suspicious or unrecognized files, and can send the Mauritius B2B List information to a threat laboratory to assess whether that document is safe or not. Regarding navigation, the tool analyzes whether a page is safe before it is opened in the browser and also allows data to be safely destroyed, avoiding unwanted recovery.

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This antivirus packages offer threat detection against zero-day attacks (an action in which hackers use an undiscovered vulnerability to violate systems), in addition to unlimited VPN and password manager with identity restoration services. The system also has features to find and fix vulnerable applications, missing security patches and tools to prevent cybercriminals from tracking your steps to collect information and data. The resources also include blocking and prevention tools, monitoring, detection and recovery of local or remote machines, in addition Mobile Lead to automatic backups of user files. Bitdefender GravityZone packages offer cybersecurity solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, with controls that provide automated visibility, with vulnerability and weak password analysis.