Google has completely rebuilt its Google Fonts website for fonts and webmasters – now it’s much easier and more enjoyable to use the resources of open source fonts. The old Fonts site – which had been up and running since 2010 – was practically begging for a refresh. Today, anyone can use the new interface. When you go to the Google Fonts home page, you will find a directory of popular font families. It’s very easy to try out a typeface before applying it to your website. By moving the slider, you can freely change the font size, and thanks to the statistics of the select font, you will find out how many websites it has been used on. Selection of codes to nest is now much easier. Currently, Google Fonts are view on the Internet 15 billion times a day in over 135 languages.

By moving the slider

After selecting any font and going into details, you will see a completely new interface that will allow you to see each character in detail, a description  of the font creator and statistics. The Lato font design by Lukasz Dziedzic, for example, has been view 5.7 billion times in the past week, is use on nearly 4.5 million websites, and is the most popular in the United States. Polish Uganda B2B List designer font is still one of the most popular fonts in the world in Google Fonts! When you select the paint bucket icon, you can also choose one of the four new site interface styles available: white, black, yellow, and blue.

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Cupertino company’s operating systems

Summer font page on Google Fonts See for yourself what the new Google Fonts website looks like now and let us know in the comment what do you think about it? f you miss this year’s Apple Developer Conference, or just want to watch it again, you can watch the entire Keynote WWDC 2016 video below, where the company unveil new features for tvOS, iOS 10, watchOS 3.0 and macOC Sierra. The Mobile Lead video was post on Apple’s official YouTube channel, and you can rewind or skip parts that don’t interest you. On the WWDC 2016 What’s New page , you can read about all the news shown during the event. All new versions of the Cupertino company’s operating systems will be made publicly available later this fall.