The Verdict of the Jury Was Won by the “404” Team with the Atmizer Application Project

ATMizer is an application that allows you to check the cost of cash withdrawals from any ATM in the world, including currency conversion. Its creators won the ABHackathon, organiz by Alior Bank and the Flying Mind Foundation. Although, participants of the event prov that modern banking should be base on elements of social networks and be adapt to the expectations of the millennial generation. On the weekend of June 4-5, The first ever hackathon organiz by Alior Bank in cooperation with the Flying Mind Foundation took place at the Business Link headquarters in Krakow. Within 24 hours, over 40 programmers, designers and enthusiasts of the FinTech industry develop 9 new solutions in the field of mobile banking and the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in personal finance management.

Participants of ABHackathon present a very even level

Which allows you to check the cost of withdrawing money from any ATM in the world, including currency conversion. The award went to the Applover team with the idea of ​​debt social banking – an application for managing microloans and social debts. An additional audience award went to the Rally team for the u-Beer application – a partygoer’s virtual wallet that prevents Tunisia B2B List him from spending more money than he plann on leaving home and ensures safe return. Although, to Piotr Łakomski, Director of the Digital Channels Development Department at Alior Bank, the participants of the fintech hackathon were very well prepar for 24-hour work on modern banking solutions.

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Difficult to predict which team would be award

During the event, we observ a completely different view of banks – in short, banks must constantly change. Young people want banks to adapt to them, not them to banks. The hackathon was a very good opportunity to talk and get to know a different perspective – says Piotr Łakomski. Alior Bank Hackathon winners (ATMizer app) Agnieszka Martyna, Director of the Internal Systems Application Development Department at Alior Bank, was also impress by the high level and innovativeness of the Mobile Lead present ideas and the usefulness of the present projects. Although, ideas result from a real need or lack experienc by the participants of the hackathon. The present solutions with minor modifications are practically ready to be implement in banking or to be launch for customers.

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