Benefits of the YouTube Partner Program

This is indicative that there is regular and constant activity on the channel, as well as that the content published is relevant to the public. Have an AdSense account linked to the YouTube account. In the event that the request is rejected or expelled for violation of one or more YouTube rules and policies, the owner of the channel can send a new one after 30 days. Process to enter the YouTube Partner Program If you have a channel that meets all the requirements mentioned in the previous point, you can proceed to request to be a YouTube partner. First of all, however, it is best to enable two-step verification of the Google account to have greater protection.

Process to enter the YouTube Partner Program

Then the following steps must be followed: Log in with the account you want to monetize. Click on your profile picture in the top right and select YouTube Studio . Inside YouTube Studio, in the menu on the left, you will find the Monetization option , which Bolivia Whatsapp Number List you will have to click on. Now there are two options. If you do not meet all the requirements, you can request to receive a notification when they are met . This is very useful when you do not reach the minimum number of subscribers or views. If you meet all the requirements, you must go to Review the terms of the YouTube Partner Program and click on Start . You must accept the terms and enter the AdSense account in which the payments will be received.

What is the YouTube Partner Program

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In order to access the YouTube partner program. It is mandatory to have an AdSense account or create one. Since payments can only be received Mobile Lead through this platform. Once all this is done, the channel will go to. The review queue and two things can happen. The request is approved or it is rejected. In the latter case, the reasons why the channel cannot be part of the. Program will be specified and a new application can be sent after 30 days have elapsed.

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