There are several reasons why you should carry out a video marketing strategy through email. One of them is that it facilitates the understanding of the message compared to written language, which also requires more effort on the part of the user. It is also a type of content that is consumed much faster than others, since a large amount of information can be offered in just a few seconds. Another reason why video should be included in email marketing strategies is that a greater impact on the user is generated through this format . Also, it is very easy to share.

Types of videos to include in your emails

In fact, even the same brand can upload it on different platforms to reach more audiences. It has also been possible to. Verify that through video interaction increases . In other words, the click-through rate is much higher than what other types of content Albania Whatsapp Number List could generate. Who already know and are familiar with the brand’s product or service. They serve to give more value to the product or service. Promotional video: it is a perfect video to inform about the launch of a new product or service.

How to add videos to your emails

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Ideally, it should be brief, with just the right information necessary to arouse curiosity and interest in the user. You should also have a CTA. Video for brand Mobile Lead positioning: the objective of this type of. Video is usually to improve the brand image and transmit values. It is usually used to congratulate Christmas, to say thank you or to . Report any news or change within the company. Depending on the purpose of the email, one type of video or another can be used, but in any of the three cases it must be presented with .

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