Once in his house, he will write, shaken, a text about that event. That essay would have inscrib the figure of the fateful. Auster remembers: «(…) the terrible thing about that night, what continues to haunt you, is that just when you were finishing your composition (…), your father was dying in the arms of his girlfriend. The macabre trigonometry of destiny. Just when you were coming back to life, your father’s life was coming to an end. The macabre trigonometry of destiny”: the metaphysical disconsolation of the human creature convert into literature.

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Tremendous. Starting from a quote from Joubert, Auster reflects on old age and death, which is nothing more than thinking about decrepitude and deterioration, emptiness and nothingness. The French b2b leads author had said: “You have to die inspiring love (if you can).” (p. 209). How can we leave this world inspiring love, awakening gratitude among those around us; How, to avoid the detachment and even the rejection that a decrepit body, eaten away by years and illness, could provoke in those around it? The situation that Auster poses is tremendous, because, although there is no certainty of its realization, it is perfectly possible for it to occur at the end of life.

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There’s not much to say except this: “You can’t prict what will happen when the day comes when you go to b for the last time, but if you don’t suddenly disappear like your father and mother, you want to die inspiring love. If you can . (p. 210). Winter Diary begins with Auster seeing Mobile Lead himself at the age of six getting out of b, barefoot, to look out the window – the window of life –, feeling the cold of the ground. And it also ends like this, now at sixty-four years old, looking at himself, standing in front of the window, with his bare feet once again on the coldness of the ground, watching the snow fall, but now already crossing the final threshold on the way to the train station.


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