The questionnaire consists of 42 items divid into three dimensions. Regarding validity, it went through expert judgments and 0.95 was obtain and the total reliability of the questionnaire by Cronbach’s alpha was 0.81. After carrying out the study, we found that research has an important impact on teaching practice, so we can affirm that the premises regarding strengthening the research competencies of teachers have due support.The author of this article presents a critical vision of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, legendary Castilian warrior. El Cid, champion and also mercenary We can affirm that Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar ‘s biography wanders between the winds of reality and the wine of the mieval fantasy of minstrels.

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Hero of Holy Wars and seller of his bravery to the highest bidder, of course, without importance of cre, race or thought. Infanzón climber in the social pyramid of differences and fictitious murderer of jealous in-laws of the most noble caste: that is our Cid Campeador , alias inherit and titl by the same Moors who recogniz in business lead him that Lord fighter of the battlefields. The story emerges sung and to the rhythm of a minstrel carnival through the neighborhoods of San Esteban de Gormaz and Minacelli, where the people ne heroes and in the fury of their Dionysian festivals, this superstar of the Middle Ages was drawn, who in the romance language was creating what Tomorrow later it would be a Spain of Catholic kings.

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But the story, which was real and began to spread at the pace of gossip that is more effective than writing itself, is locat back in 1046, in an 11th century where the jarchas still resound in love and other hallucinat heroes like Roland or Siegfri were sung for the Mobile Lead drunken people by an anonymous minstrel who improvis to the rhythm of mieval hip hop the epic feats in his minstrelsy mesteres. This one titl Poema del Mio Cid and copi in pieces by a certain Per Abbat back in 1207, who add The Chronicle of the Twenty Kings and other yellowish papers that gave shape to its three parts that at the rhythm of Alexandrians and Octanaries with caesura includ,


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