Changes relat to data protection should be constantly monitor so that your website and advertising comply with the current regulations. Privacy protection is increasingly important to consumers and Google has also taken steps to improve its transparency about the data it stores. Google advertisers have less and less data available to target ads so the companys own customer data becomes even more important.

Starting to interpret first

Collecting and party data is paramount. It is obtain for example from business database customers who bought from the online store and from those who fill out the lead form. Marketing teams often have access to this data and it is also possible to enter a list of for example your customers contact information in Google Ads allowing you to carry out well-target remarketing.

Remov in the near future

Third-party cookies will beGoogle has already chang the date of the change a few times which Mobile Lead means that in the future Google will have new ways Privacy Sandbox project to target advertising to different target groups. We dont know exactly whats coming yet but were following the development with our ears open. The importance of marketing strategy in an unstable world situation


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