His love failures, his fail first marriage, his incompetence in the field of romantic relationships, the meandering journey follow in search of love, are remember by the writer with irony and self-confidence. For this reason, Auster wonders how it is possible that his marriage to the talent writer Siri Hustvt –Princess of Asturias Award for Literature this year–, and with whom, in addition to the common illusions forg by always seeing the craft of writing as a destiny, , also shar economic hardships and moments of anxiety, may have last for more than thirty years.

That Can Only Be Carri

 The differences in temperament, Auster thinks, as well as the coincidences in terms of tastes and preferences, both aspects deeply mark and in strange conjunction, as well as mutual b2b email list admiration, are factors that have undoubtly contribut to this union lasting. But beyond that, there is not much to say; Life always haggles over whys : «You have tri to find out the reasons for this unexpect reversal of fortune, but you have never been able to find the answer. One night you meet a stranger and you fall in love with her; and she of you.

Out with the Help of

You don’t deserve it, but you don’t detract from it either. “It just happen, and nothing can explain it except good luck.” (p. 192). Death is a frequent presence in the book. And at some point, he finds a disturbing point of contact with literature. His return to writing, after a period of creative drought, is mark with the seal of the irreparable. An almost mystical experience would be the catalyst. In the middle of a ballet exhibition, in which the dancers, in the absence of any musical piece, evolv in silence, Auster Mobile Lead experiences a strange joy: the music and the meaning of that dance are felt without the ne for sounds or explanations; The silence, which seems to whisper ineffable poetry, and the harmonious movements of that choreography, which traces paths not traversable by language, transport him to an ecstatic state.


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