Verses that cover a spain that did not even exist on the maps, but that present what gives it life to this day: the confrontations between the different social classes and those from here and those from there. El cid, sancho’s right hand man and for whom he risk his life more than once, forcing alfonso to swear innocence of fratricide in santa gadea and although it is known that literature tends to be somewhat hyperbolic, let us close the idea that in the work only three fictional scenes escape: an archangel saint gabriel who madly asks for charr meat of moors, a couple of jewish usurers who had good will and a neighborhood circus lion frighten by his past.

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From the plot, which lost some pages, it leaves us with that hero full of tears who goes into exile after leaving his sweet wife Doña Ximena and his little daughters Elvira and Sol in the care of Abbot Don Sancho in business database the monastery of Sardinia and accompani of his troupe: Pro Bermúdez, Alvar Fáñez and Martín Antolínez, one more sly than the other, deceive the Jews Raquel and Vidas with chests full of sand and promises to keep , who with the borrow money goes on an adventure and repeats what that he knows how to do by heart: kill, rape, outrage, steal, burn, plunder, but always in the name of his god who guides his hand.

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Despite sending the fifth royal to King Alfonso, he does not give up his measure; However, the envious courtiers look at the Cid’s new fortunes with drool full of desire, and it will be his sworn enemy, Count Garcí Ordoñez, who excites the desire of his cowardly nephews, Infantes de Carrión (Diego and Fernando), to ask for the hands of his daughters and despite his cowardice recogniz in the kingdom, the Cid accepts the wding since the request comes with the permission of the king. And after 15 days of marriageable Mobile Lead drunkenness and having fully deliver the agre dowries, and even gifts as luminous as the Tizona and the Colada, he sets off to take Valencia, his greatest victory, and after nine months of military harassment he achieves his surrender and the verification of how cowardly the infamous sons-in-law are ,


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