Your Dasha has plunged headlong into Telegram channels and is in a hurry to share the latest news with her readers in her usual ironic manner. What a wonderful summer in the yard, and the Chief once again broadcasts about the state of affairs in the domestic and world economy. I look at him and think how smart and far-sighted he is. He does not look under his breath, but looks into the distance and sees in this distance … I listen and listen and write. Yes, I check the information in the cart. Although why check it, you open our famous, unbiased cultural channels and read another trash about cinema networks and cinemas.

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According to the terminology of our incomparable and adored expert Sergey Lavrov. Now there is a new trend – to re-read the posts in the social networks of cinemas and sneer. I wonder what the rate is. I’m not distracted, I’m leafing through that Norfolk Island B2B List same cart. For example, today TASS reported something interesting. The State Duma does not plan to consider in the spring session a bill on the introduction of criminal penalties of up to 10 years in prison for the implementation of anti-Russian sanctions in the Russian Federation.

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Initiative with the government’s economic bloc. Wow! MPs offered 10 years for complying with US sanctions. And the economic bloc  of the government does not agree, it turns. Out, with the fact that someone is implementing US sanctions. And who performs them, I wonder? Here are the cinema networks that did not even put Mobile Lead the legal. Batman” in the net, they flew into the net for 10 years under this bill or not. And those cinemas that are actively working on Doctor Strange, under this project, the heroes or on them are “blacklisted” by the very foreigners who imposed sanctions on Russia and for some reason still do not leave the country.