Against the backdrop of a semi-legal and dying film screening, reflections continue on the salvation of the industry and the future of the country’s film industry, the search for successful domestic cinema and pitching of new projects. Your Dasha in her blog is trying to convey the complete absurdity of the current situation. How quickly time flies – with the same speed as budget money for organizing “from scratch” for several weeks, sometimes days, important cultural and leisure events in the country. As if nothing has changed and nothing is happening anywhere: they sing, dance, walk, watch free movies in the fresh air.

Just like at the end of

From where and by whom copied in these letters of departments. The newsman is the best and fastest of all, because he reads the same news – from the category of “let’s celebrate from the heart – just give us a penny.” True, in the last two weeks, cinemas have already stopped complaining and, following the instructions of the “party and Northern Mariana Islands B2B List the government” in the person of Yampolskaya, they are saving themselves, encouraging each other with episodes from the glorious Pirates of the Caribbean.

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The community itself is restless

Eause nothing is clear and there is no information. Previously, the day started with questions in chats, singled out something or. How, now it starts with intimidation of each other with all sorts of articles from different. Codes and quotes from tops and business owners. Some cinemas are gaining experience in trying to get. At least those benefits that are offered to small and medium-sized businesses. Banks go on installments, but they have Mobile Lead to ask for assistance from. Titov’s authorized representatives not to include the organization in the bank’s “black list”. Unexpectedly, from some regular. Department, either for investments or for economic development. They answered that a deferment on the simplified tax system can be obtained from the regiona.


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