One of the security holes that hackers often use to enter malware is themes and plugins that are not updated regularly. (mitm) mitm is a type of hack attack where the hacker “snoops” the exchange of data on a network to steal important information in it. For example, suppose you are using wifi in a public space. Then, you make transactions at online stores using that connection. So, because the network you use is open to the public, there is a risk of your data being spied upon by irresponsible parties. Especially if the website you are accessing doesn’t use https to encrypt the exchange of data in it. 4. Ddos ddos aka distributed denial of service is an attack that is generally aimed at a website or network. So, the aim of this attack is to make the website inaccessible by sending an excessive number of requests to the server.

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The easy explanation goes like this: suppose you want to enter a shop, but the shop is already full of visitors. Surely you won’t be able to enter the shop, right? Likewise with ddos. So, hackers take advantage of bots to make large numbers of requests to the server. Thus, the website cannot be accessed because the server thinks the website is too “full”. 5. Cracking the password ( brute force ) brute force is a method in which hackers try to “break” access to the admin panel of a website. You do this by New Zealand Business Fax List logging in multiple times using different password combinations. If lucky, the hacker will get the right password combination. So they can access the website system. Therefore, the way that is often done to prevent brute force attacks is to limit login attempts. How to become a hacker?

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So, after seeing the various info above, maybe you are interest in becoming a hacker. Actually, what are the things you need to learn to become a hacker? Here’s the list: learn linux – you need to master this operating system, because it contains many tools for hacking. Learn programming languages ​​- there are quite a number of programming languages ​​that are useful for hacking activities. Examples include r, python, and sql. Understanding network concepts – by understanding Mobile Lead the concepts and how networks work, you will know how hackers are able to find network security holes. Mastering cryptography – cryptography is the science of securing data by turning it into code. You can use this knowledge to decode the code use to secure data. Update with hacking trends – you also have to always be updat with various trends in the world of hacking.


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