Do you know? Understanding various work facilities besides salary is important, you know. For those of you who are still looking for work, work facilities can be taken into consideration when you want to apply to a company. Not only that, this insight is useful if you are already in the offering stage. So, you can negotiate benefits with the hr team more strategically. Therefore, in this article we will thoroughly examine the various work facilities that employees often expect. Curious, right? Let’s listen! Contents hide 1 why are work facilities apart from salary important? 2 10+ work facilities expected by workers besides salary 2.1 1. Annual leave 2.2 2. Sick leave 2.3 3. Health insurance 2.4 4. Work accident insurance 2.5 5. Flexible working hours 2.6 6. Skill development 2.7 7. Overtime pay 2.8 8. Transportation allowance 2.9 9. Meal allowance 2.10 10. Health facilities 2.11 11. Old age security 3 which facilities do you most expect at work?

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Why are work facilities apart from salary important? Eits, wait a minute. Before getting into the main discussion, maybe you are still curious. What are the work facilities? And why is that important? So, work facilities are various facilities and infrastructure provided to employees to support their work activities. One of the most common examples of work benefits is salary . Although it does not directly affect the company’s operational activities, salary can support workers’ lives. So you could say, salary motivates workers to be able to carry out their duties properly. However, prioritizing salary solely to Finland B2B List motivate workers is actually a dangerous step. You see, salaries and bonuses make workers want to achieve targets in quick ways. Not infrequently to “elbows”. It all makes conditions in the workplace less conducive. Fellow workers will regard colleagues as opponents.

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As a result, companies find it difficult to innovate and develop solid business strategies. Salary work facility that’s why work facilities other than salary are important. Apart from benefiting the company financially, this facility will also make workers more comfortable and productive at work. In other words, work facilities are equally important for businessmen and workers alike . So, what are the expected facilities when working? Let’s see in the next section. 10+ work facilities expected by workers besides salary below are some models of salary and benefits expected of young workers. You need to know and pay attention. Let’s discuss one by one! 1. Annual leave do you know? Under the labor law, employers are required Mobile Lead to provide a minimum of 12 days of leave a year. Even so, not all workers can get this facility. Because employers are only required to provide annual rations to workers who have worked for at least one year. You can also find out about the leave policy of the company you are applying for.


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