This is because the annual leave policy for each company is different. There are those who accumulate leave allowances for the following year, and there are also those who set forfeit leave allowances. 2. Sick leave just like annual leave, sick leave is regulat by law. So, if there are workers who are sick so they can’t do their job, they must be given sick leave. For example, if there is a female worker who feels unfit because she is menstruating, the person concern can apply for sick leave. So, if you want to know the terms of sick leave at the company, you can ask it directly to the hr team. This is because there are certain companies that have a special form for sick leave, and some require a letter from a doctor. 3. Health insurance well, health insurance is one of the facilities that workers generally expect the most.

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This is because workers often worry that they will not be able to bear health costs which are difficult to predict. Health work facility it should be note that government regulations stipulate that every worker must be register with bpjs kesehatan . And employers are also requir to register all their workers in this program. But sometimes there are also companies that also provide their workers with additional insurance facilities besides bpjs health. This is certainly an added value for the company as well. 4. Work accident guarantee not only health insurance, work accident insurance is also often the most expected facility for workers. Especially workers whose work risk is quite high, such as workers who France B2B List interact directly with factory machines. Occupational accident insurance itself is a benefit in the form of cash or health services provided to workers who experience work accidents, or get sick due to an unhealthy work environment. Fortunately, government regulations stipulate that companies are required to provide work accident insurance for their workers. Starting from a low-risk business to a high-risk business.

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Flexible working hours who is not tempted by flexible working hours? It’s natural, because you can work whenever you feel comfortable. Time flexibility illustration these work facilities are also much sought after. Especially now, where many people have to work from home. This is because conditions at home sometimes require workers to adjust their working hours to those of the occupants of the house. So, even though the company offers flexible working hours, that doesn’t mean Mobile Lead your productivity will also be flexible. You still have to show performance according to company expectations. 6. Skill development do you enjoy studying? If so, you should consider this one facility. Because, sometimes there are companies that invest in their employees by offering programs that aim to increase skills.


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