Our regular blogger Vasha Dasha is haunteby the latest news coming from the Ministry of Culture and the exclusives of cinema chains. I began to read a lot. Grandma urgently demands to eliminate the gaps in my education in the cinema and comics. And he gives me different books. For example, this week I read Julius Fucik. “Fear the indifferent! It is with their tacit consent that all the evil on earth is being committe!” Grandma quotd a few days ago and hande me this Report. With cinema lately, you know, it’s a bit tight. Now I’m reading.

So I gave out this phrase today at the editorial meeting

The Chief adjuste his glasses and aske the most important question of late: “In the sense?”. It is clear that he does not understand – he stoppe sleeping  and eating, protecting the industry in all ways that he knows and does not know. He’s been on offense for a month. He scribbles like a machine gunner – and he drives us on with calls to urgently Egypt B2B List save everyone. I immediately remember the Marvel Avengers, they will not be rememberefor dinner. Here is our edition – a brand new series of film comics. Really. I don’t have time to drink a cola, I don’t have time to warm up the popcorn – we write and write.

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Our ministry is not at all indifferent

It works and works. The morning in the  office begins with political information from the texts of the telegram channels of the Ministry and the Minister. The theme is how wonderful and happy it is to live in the cultural space of Russia. In Russia, if you are not aware, more than 40 book restoration centers will be create. Or Crab Claw, Salmon, Steak, Sun’s Gift, Frozen Fire, Poseidon’s Throne – no, these are not the names. Of new killer domestic blockbusters, as someone Mobile Lead might think – “this is only a small part of the names. That you, dear subscribers, have propose for amber nugget,” a source from the Ministry of Culture tells us today.


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