Whoever reproaches cultural officials for setting priorities for activity understands nothing about worrying about the spiritual state of society. How can one doubt the lack of concern about the same among the officials of the creative industries.  news about festivals, awards, film screenings. He says that his nerves can’t stand it, and there is no money for expensive antidepressants. Because without these drugs, reading about the holidays of life in parallel against the backdrop of letters to the editor or analyzing interviews with real market participants who no longer know how to run a household becomes physically difficult. It seemed that the pandemic was the most terrible period in the life of cinemas.

Now they say that it was good then

Because there was some hope and the whole world was worried about a common misfortune. Now cinemas frankly feel unnecessary. There are several optimists who tell the editors that Hollywood will return tomorrow, that the state will help  us, because cinemas are after all a part of culture. They throw us articles about the survival of the industry during the Great Patriotic War, videos of various bloggers and speakers that cinemas and the Djibouti B2B List film industry need help. They swear at the selfishness of cinema networks, at their outright greed, bordering on elements of capitalist cynicism (in fact, Julius Fucik lets you know, for sure). What am I talking about?

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The exclusive

Only I will work with them – all such an immense cinema network. And I, interrupts another, will not be afraid of this word, a film corporation, I will distribute domestic films alone, myself, exclusively in the cities of my presence, because I care about preserving Russian film distribution. Well, in  that spirit. And they speak so preoccupied, anxious, with love for the film market, not indifferent, that means. Regional officials, they are also Mobile Lead great fellows. They don’t even know what indifference is. In principle, they have no such line of concern as preserving theatrical distribution, so they have nothing to worry about. No cinemas – no worries. The Yakuts, however, here stand out from the general friendly ranks – they are like from another planet, where cinema is the most important art form.


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