Just like with web pages, ranking a YouTube video starts with choosing the right keywords and targeting the content around them. To locate the keywords that interest you most, we recommend these tools : Youtube Keyword Tool . The operation of this tool is very simple: you just have to enter a topic in the search bar to see a list of recommendations based on the searches of other users. The paid version allows you to access additional data such as cost per click or competitor keyword analysis. Ahrefs YouTube Keyword Tool . With this tool you will be able to generate thousands of keyword ideas in just a few seconds, optimized specifically for YouTube. Google Keyword Planner .

How to position a YouTube video: tips to create your video

This tool is ideal for brands that want to promote their videos on Google Ads and have them appear among Google results. In addition to suggesting keywords, this tool provides information on search volumes over time and makes predictions. Analyze Belize Whatsapp Number List the competition Once you have your list of keywords, it’s a very good idea to take a look at the videos that are ranking highest on Google and YouTube for those searches. Take note of the length, structure, title, description, and other key elements of the videos that perform best, and try to incorporate them into your own. Take care of the quality There is no two ways about it: in the end, positioning depends to a large extent on the quality of the content .

Optimize for key Google moments

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For your YouTube video to rank better, you need to take care of all aspects: the script, the lighting, the presenter’s attitude It incorporates elements to keep the viewer’s attention throughout the video and keep them hooked, and remember that in general Mobile Lead long content They position better, but always without losing agility and dynamism. Incorporate keywords into the voiceover If you are going to use a voiceover in your video, keep in mind that YouTube automatically creates subtitles and uses them to determine the content of the video. So be sure to include the keywords as part of your script. And speaking of subheadings, remember that Google transcription is far from foolproof, so give them a good brush up before posting.

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