So, the shape is similar to a pyramid. Where there is one main category at the top and follow by various sub-categories below it. This database model has been known for a long time, because the hierarchical database was develop by the ibm team since the 1960s. The form is still relatively rigid, because each sub-category can only be cover by one main category. Some examples of hierarchical databases include the windows registry and the ibm information management system (ims) . 13. Key-value database key-value database is a type of database that stores data in the form of key-values. This means that the data is stor in the form of “categories” and “values”. Examples such as “profession” and “teacher”. The advantage of a key-value database is its ability to deal with large amounts of data. So that this database model is often use for online shop cart systems or for large-scale online games. Some examples of these databases are redis and amazon dynamodb . 14. Columnar databases from the name, you must have guess it, right? Yes, a columnar database is a database model that stores data in the form of columns. Retrieval of data in a columnar database is fairly simple.

 Relational Databases

Because you can retrieve the required data base on the column. Some examples of columnar databases include google bigquery , mariadb , and cassandra . Also read: big data: here’s the definition, examples, and how it works! Which database type fits your needs? After looking at all the types of databases above, which type of database do you need? Whatever you choose, make sure Dubai Business Fax List the database has features and benefits you can rely on in the long term. The type of database is one of the many materials that you need¬† to understand to master data science .

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Cloud Databases

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