The following video presenting the concept of the touch OL panel was to be sent as non-public material only to interest people. The author not a dozen views from California and, interestingly, Apple repli that it was not interest in cooperation. We do  not know if Apple was already working on a similar solution at that time and whether it will be implement, but it is interesting that information about the touch panel in Macbooks is getting louder and more often. The video below shows very precisely what the application could be and how the touch panel in Macbooks could work. Designer Martin Hajek in 2015 also present a similar visualization of the Macbook with a touch panel in place of the function keys. Most Brazilian consumers seem to choose to shop online these days. At least that’s what Capterra’s new research on metaverse commerce points out.

Most Brazilian consumers

In our most recent study, we found that 61% of respondents prefer to shop online compared to 24% who prefer to shop in person. As new technologies emerge, the way to shop online also evolves. One example is the advent of the metaverse, a still-developing technology that mixes augmented reality with aspects of real life to create an immersive  digital experience. This is an innovation that should offer new opportunities for electronic commerce, yet to be explor by companies and consumers. However, consumers already seem to be Liberia B2B List getting familiar with transactions in the metaverse, as some brands already create shopping experiences in this virtual world , especially based on the development of actions via augment reality and virtual reality.

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The survey had the participation

Capterra wanted to know from respondents how willing they are to carry out transactions in this virtual environment, in addition to examining whether they see potential in the modality. The survey had the participation of 1008 respondents. In addition to Brazil, the same survey was launch in other countries where Capterra and its other affiliat Mobile Lead brands are present – ​​check out the complete methodology at the end of the article. This article mentions data referring to the Brazilian reality; when there is a comparison with the numbers of other countries, we highlight the fact. Compar to other nationalities.