April 1, 2022 they be subordinate to the Ministry of Digital Development for objective reasons and call the cinema network an analogue of the Structure Cabling System. They bring or send us diagrams and sections of digital projectors and sincerely wonder what relation all this equipment and its management can have to the humanitarian Ministry of Culture. Some of them are sure that it would be easier to ask for the quality of content then: the Customer-Contractor scheme appears. Optimists from the 90s, or realists, or business suicides, or gentlemen of fortune, call them what you will, offer to openly and loudly throw the

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There is no other way to survive and survive in a situation, especially when you don’t know anything about your professional future. Yes, it’s probably bad and wrong for the last ten years to be a stronghold of honest film screening, and now to embark on a dubious path, but those who throw a rotten tomato at them or start lecturing on laws and morals, ask yourself what would you do in such situations? Haven’t cinemas honestly told the state and Cook Islands B2B List society about their problems? And did they themselves become the source of this situation, for which they now bear such a level of. Responsibility – the entire cinema network became bankrupt in two months.

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The government too

It’s just that she won’t talk about it – she’s a state official. And private traders have nothing to hide: they are ready and show their revenue reports, profit and loss documents. But no one nees their openness. In the end, everyone who had a  heartache for this market segment could go to the. UAIS and see the catastrophic figures for themselves. Movie theaters are tire of begging for support from the state. And each time they receive a reminder of how Mobile Lead they were already. Helpe at the end of 2020 – it was 4.2 billion rubles for everyone. True, those who had tax debts, enforcement proceedings and. The form of ownership of individual entrepreneurs were exclude from the list. Even then, almost all of them survive. They retaine their main jobs and.


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