In her blog, Vasha Dasha this time decided to go to the chronicle and review the latest developments in the film industry. It’s amazing, but over the past week there have been a huge number of articles in the federal media about the import substitution of Hollywood movies … Latin, Korean, Indian. Note, not Russian. On the contrary, on Friday, March 25, Volga officially announced that the Empire V film would not be released on the big screens on the announced date. Naturally, no one indicated the reasons, but only noted that the rental was postponed indefinitely. Glavred burst into a comment in the cart. Read, I can’t repeat myself. We have, you know, an editorial hierarchy. As my grandmother said, it’s time to switch to the language of military reports.

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That it would be better to call it a “Combat Movie Reel” by analogy with the Combat Compilation. So, it is dedicated to her. Combat film sheet 1. The unified cinema network is a powerful blow to the country’s cinemas. She has an exclusive  on Indian cinema for import substitution of Hollywood. From March 25, only in its halls the film “RRR” started. I didn’t see any rental figures in the UAIS. According to rumors, this is a festival movie. Don’t ask Congo-Brazzaville B2B List what it means. In the cinemas of the Karo network, for some reason, the exclusive fairy tales of Alexander Row are also shown. Apparently, for the same reasons as the receipt by the American company.

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Independent cinemas are starting to reduce opening hours. And what else to do if the person for the exclusive did not come out. There is no ammunition for theatrical distribution. Hollywood studios are playing silent. According to our editorial staff, neither AVK, nor chains, nor independent cinemas received any official refusals. Everyone Mobile Lead discusses only their demands to pay for the previous rental. What will happen to them next, they don’t know and generally stopped gossip: if they know something, it’s good, but if they don’t know anything, then it makes no sense to gossip.