The new application was create for the charity Stop Hate UK, by the Polish agency ONEdot and Techno Snowball from Great Britain. The graphic  design and all functionalities of the application have been adapt to the purpose of the application. Stop Hat UK application screen Stop Hat UK application screen The free application is available for the Android and iOS operating systems. It has already been launch in the first city – Leeds, UK. Further implementations are already plann. The Mobience study provides data on the use of mobile applications and website viewership in Poland using Android smartphones and tablets.

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Mobience is a passive survey – it means that the measurement of user activity on mobile devices is made automatically by the install monitoring program, without the need for active actions on the part of the user. In accordance with the procedure, the collect  data is process for statistical purposes, and the results are provid in weekly and monthly cycles. Data on the population of users of mobile devices with Internet access (the so-call universities) is provid by the Millward Belarus B2B List Brown institute. All indicators refer to the population of people using the Internet via mobile devices. Reach – means the percentage of people in a given target group who perform the analyz activity (i.e. launch a given application, use the content on a given website, sent a message or, for example, made a call) in the analyz period.

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Lenovo gain in 2016

Time of using the application – this is the time during which the application was launc and visible on the first screen of the user’s phone/tablet from a given target group. Although, Frequency of use – the percentage of people from the target group who perform the analyze activity, one day, for two days, etc. Thanks to the Mobience survey, whose main task is to passively measure the Mobile Lead use of mobile devices, we also receive information on which device models the panellists use. Although, Phones and tablets with the Android operating system were taken into account. Which models turn out to be the most popular? Have there been any changes over the years? See the graphics below.