According to Noah Elkin, team manager at Gartner Sales, with generative AI, “sales teams will no longer have to beg for content.” Finally, although generative AI has gain more prominence due to image or text generating models, a Gartner report  describes that, by 2025, it is expect that more than 30% of new drugs and other materials can be systematically discover using generative AI techniques (content in English. Examples of generative AI application in different industries Possibilities of using generative AI in different industries ( Source ) How does generative AI technology work? Most artificial intelligences are train to label data, that is, they are able to distinguish two images, for example, of a car and a train.

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Like an image of a car or a train that doesn’t exist in the real world. In practice, when using a program base on generative AI, the user must enter a command  into the platform (for example, “create an image of a flying car”). The AI ​​then generates the request part, which can be an image, text or design. The last step would be human intervention through the refinement of the generat material. Generative AI for text creation Generative text AI are models capable of generating Vatican City B2B List content with a fluidity similar to human writing. The most famous model of this structure is the GPT (acronym for Generative Pre-train Transformer). It is a natural language technology built on deep learning.

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Currently, GPT is in its third version, which was creat with 175 billion parameters. This training includ Reddit discussions, Wikipedia texts and scientific materials. This technology is capable of translating texts, issuing answers to standardiz questions, summarizing articles, etc. At the time it was launch, in 2020, The Guardian newspaper produc an entire story written with artificial intelligence (content in English). The recently released ChatGPT , on the other hand, is a variant of GPT-3. The difference lies Mobile Lead especially in the ability of the technology to be conversational, since it was creat with a database of conversational content – ​​in fact, it is precisely this characteristic that makes ChatGPT look like a chatbot.


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