The Netflixization of content in digital marketing is the present and the future

In recent years we have experienced a veritable explosion of digital content . There is more and more quality content everywhere. We are constantly seeing, hearing and reading exceptional content, from brands with big budgets to people who only had a smartphone, a friend and an idea. Netflix is ​​the maximum expression of this explosion of quality content, which is why we talk about the netflixization of content. Whether you’re a teenager making videos on TikTok, a brand posting Reels on Instagram, or a production company premiering its series on HBO, audience expectations are very high. For marketers, this means that the pressure to create more and better content is very high, since we compete with all these players who create content on the internet.

Identify your audience

In order to get the content we offer right, there is also a Netflixization of the analysis . The key is being able to recommend to each person the content that interests them the most, at the exact moment they need it. Big data and recommendation Austria Whatsapp Number List algorithms play an increasingly important role. And yet, the internet is still full of redundant and low-quality content. What is going wrong? Netflix The 3 content marketing myths that prevent you from moving forward Marketers have internalized a series of myths about content creation that, far from helping us, make us spend more and more time creating content so as not to improve our results.

Create more effective content

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These are the great myths of content creation that harm us: More is more . We know that updating the contents of a website or blog regularly and creating in-depth articles is a good strategy to improve search engine positioning. Therefore, we have endeavored Mobile Lead to constantly create content and try to make it as extensive as possible, even if it is at the cost of filling it with filler material. But the truth is that quality should always be the priority. The algorithm is king . We have become obsessed with algorithms, always looking for the best time to publish or the best keywords to rank for an article. But the problem is that algorithms are often opaque and change frequently, making today’s best practices useless tomorrow. The solution is to focus on adding value and not getting carried away by the fashion of the moment.

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