As its name indicates, video marketing is an online marketing tool that is based on the use of audiovisual images, mainly through the Internet, to achieve different objectives of the marketing strategy. In short, and in a simple way, it is about adding videos to your content marketing. Another concept to take into account is that of social video : a type of video specially designed to be broadcast through social networks. The aim is to create shareable pieces (although they do not necessarily have to become viral) and optimized for the particulars of each social network. Creating quality video content requires an investment in time and effort, but doing so is worth it.

Video marketing a key trend

And it is that today, the data clearly shows that audiovisual content has a positive impact on sales and ROI: Tweets with video get 3 times more replies and retweets than those without. 90% of users say that product videos are useful when making purchase Azerbaijan Whatsapp Number List decisions 64% of users who watch a video tend to purchase one of the associated products. Our articles that you may find interesting to complement your knowledge about video marketing are: If you want to know the best video marketing tools, here are the 10 essential ones .

Video marketing on social networks

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Trends in video marketing are important to keep in mind. To find out what’s going on and what format can be most interesting for your brand and your potential customers. It is not always easy to hit the most suitable video format. That is why we propose Mobile Lead different types of video depending on the phase of the funnel in which our potential client is. Video marketing, a key trend Video is one of the key trends of recent years and it will also be so in those to come .

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