Seo ( search engine optimization ) practices are not only about content optimization, but also optimization outside of content, aka off-page . That’s why you have to know how to check backlinks. Just a moment.. What is a backlink? So, backlinks are links from other websites that point to your website. The more websites that link to your website, the more popular and trusted your website is. And the more backlinks you get, the more confident google will be to include your website in search results. Because, your website reputation is good. How? Surely now you want to know how to check website backlinks and their benefits, right? Let’s see this article to the end! Contents hide 1 what are the types of backlinks? 2 what are the benefits of checking backlinks? 3 7 tools you can use to check backlinks 3.1 1. Ubersuggest 3.2 2.linkminer 3.3 3. Ahrefs 3.4 4. Semrush 3.5 5. Moz pro 3.6 6. Buzzsumo 3.7 7. Majestic seo 4 do you want to know how to check the best backlinks? Use the tools according to your needs! What are the types of backlinks? So, are all backlinks the same? Of course not.

7 Tools You Can Use to Check Backlinks

For example, if your website gets backlinks from popular websites, google will definitely think your website is popular too. But, if the backlinks you get come from websites in the middle of nowhere, google probably won’t pay too much attention to them. Apart from being distinguished from the original website, backlinks are also divided into two types, namely: dofollow – backlinks that can be crawled by googlebot. So, this link will direct googlebot to the intended website. This type of backlink Denmark B2B List can affect your website’s seo. Nofollow – backlinks that googlebot can’t crawl. In other words, googlebot will ignore this link. If your website gets nofollow type backlinks, the link will not affect your website’s seo. From this, it can be concluded that the backlinks you get should be of the dofollow type . But, does this mean that nofollow backlinks are completely useless?

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What are the Benefits of Checking Backlinks?

Not really. Because because the backlinks are nofollow only ignored by googlebot. But people can still click on the link. So, nofollow backlinks can still be used as a traffic source . Also read: important! This is the strategy for building quality backlinks okay, now you know the types of backlinks you can get. Then, why do you have to know how to check backlinks? Let’s see the answer in the next section! What are the benefits of checking backlinks? There are many reasons why you should know how to check backlinks. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the more backlinks you get, the Mobile Lead more likely it is that google will consider your website credible. In essence, here are some of the main benefits of backlinks that you need to know: increase website ranking on google – according to ahrefs, one of the most considered indicators by google when increasing content ranking in search results is the number of backlinks.


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