Getting traffic – the more links that point to your website, the more likely it is that other website visitors will become visitors to your website. Easy to find by google – not only visitors, google can also find your website pages through backlinks. Of course, the backlink must be of the dofollow type. Very interesting, isn’t it? Then, what are the tools you can use to check backlinks? Let’s see one by one! 7 tools you can use to check backlinks we’ve round up some of the best tools you can use to check backlinks. Here’s the list: 1. Ubersuggests how to check backlinks with ubersuggest if you are an seo practitioner, surely you are familiar with this one tool. Yes, ubersuggest is an seo tool made by neil patel, which has quite complete features. Starting from keyword research features, competitor analysis, to searching for content ideas. Not only that, you can also check your website backlinks here. The data display is also quite complete, such as the total backlinks that point to your website, the number of missing backlinks, to the number of nofollow backlinks. You can use this tool for free.

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However, the features are quite limit. If you are interest in using the full features, you can buy a subscription package or try a free trial for 7 days. 2. Linkminer link miner main page another way you can check backlinks is to use linkminer. This tool made by mangools has quite a lot of interesting features, such as the favorite backlink feature. So, you can determine which backlinks you can monitor regularly. Apart from that, linkminer also offers backlink checker features in general, such as filtering backlinks based on their type (nofollow or dofollow), to their period (new or old). Oh yes, since linkminer is a tool owned by mangools, you must login with your mangools account to use it. Fortunately, they provide a 10-day free Malta B2B List trial, so you can try out the features first. 3. Ahrefs how to check backlinks with ahrefs backlink checker in a way, ahrefs is one of the most popular seo tools today. Why not?

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This one tool does offer many solutions for seo practitioners, one of which is checking backlinks. The good news is, you can use the ahrefs backlink checker for free! Even so, the quality of this tool cannot be underestimated. Because, you can get a lot of important information from this tool. Starting from the number of backlinks you get, the percentage of dofollow backlinks, to the top 100 backlinks that point to your website. Pretty complete, right? 4. Semrush semrush main page Mobile Lead apart from ahrefs, another premium seo tool which is quite popular is semrush. As with other seo tools, you can also check backlinks using this tool. The backlink checker feature that semrush has is quite detailed. Because you can find out how many backlinks are received per page. So, you can find out which pages get spam backlinks. Not only that, you can also analyze competitor backlinks.


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