Video marketing trends for 2023

Video content has become a very useful tool to reach the target audience. Even those who still do not know the brand or have not interacted with it. In addition, it has been possible to see how around 80% of buyers decided to buy after watching a video of the brand . This means that this type of format is becoming an essential part of. Achieving conversion and accompanying the client in the process. One of the main reasons. Why video has become such an important format for companies is that its consumption has increased, especially during and after the lockdown due to the pandemic. This has caused many consumers to . Search online for information about the product before making the purchase, information that they prefer in video rather than in other types of formats .

The importance of video marketing in the sales funnel

And this is mainly due to the fact that in video you can obtain a greater amount of data in less time, in addition to the fact that it is much more enjoyable if it is presented in an attractive and striking way. Here is an example of what kind of actions Armenia Whatsapp Number List you can perform at each moment of the sales funnel or conversions with the videos . video-marketing-contents-for-each-phase-of-the-funnel-2v educational content Videos have become one of the best tools for transmitting knowledge.

Educational Content

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One of the video marketing trends for 2023 is to offer conferences, tutorials and other audiovisual teaching materials to give users the necessary knowledge to understand and learn about the product or service offered by the company. That although Mobile Lead this may seem useful only for those people who have already paid for the company’s product or service, it is also useful for attracting potential customers in a much more effective way than advertising would be . The idea, then, is not to overload the public with advertising, which can be annoying and invasive for the user, as well as uninteresting.

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