Top 10 AI Video Makers

AI video creation tool used by over 12,000 businesses of all sizes. Pricing plans available starting at $30 per month. With  you can create videos from documents, PowerPoints or PDFs . They offer solutions for creating training videos, tutorials, and marketing videos. To give its videos a realistic look, uses virtual avatars that are digital twins of real actors, including the voice. Such as hosting audio and video, indexing and searching videos by AI or using customizable templates .

The best tools to create videos with AI

It is used by prominent organizations such as New York University or the Edinburgh Festival. Its artificial intelligence features focus on video Argentina Whatsapp Number List search and indexing and include. Automatic indexing with AI of all your videos. Search for words, people, objects, text, sounds, actions and more. Labeling of elements within the videos and editing of labels. Features to improve SEO and the discovery of your videos thanks to indexing. muse  – best AI video generators 3) Raw Shorts Raw Shorts is a specialized solution for creating. Animated videos that claims to reduce the time spent creating videos by 87% . Its operation is very simple. you just have to select one of the multiple available templates and edit it to your liking with text and different animated elements.

Artificial Intelligence

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Raw Shorts has three pricing levels, from a free trial that lets you create 5 videos at no cost to an enterprise solution for $30/month. So this is Mobile Lead your tool. focuses on you being able to create professional videos for your business and saving up to 70% in video production time and cost. The creation process is very simple. Select a template Choose an avatar (a person profile) Enter the hyphen And you just . Have to hit “create” and let the platform . Process your video Renowned companies or public entities have already trusted them. El Corte the Government of Navarra or Mondragon  among other brands.

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