Hackers are mysterious figures that often make internet users worry. Naturally, because hackers are synonymous with data theft, website security breaches, and cyber attacks. In fact, not all hackers are bad. Many hackers also use their skills to identify and overcome various security problems on the internet. That’s why a career in hacking is quite promising. You can work as a security engineer, security analyst, or even chief security officer! So, do you want to know more about hackers? Relax, in this article we will thoroughly examine what a hacker is. Starting from understanding, types, to how to become a hacker. Without further ado, let’s get start! Contents hide 1 what is a hacker? 2 what are the types of hackers? 2.1 1. Black hat hackers 2.2 2. White hat hackers 2.3 3. Gray hat hackers 2.4 4. Script kiddies 3 5 most common types of hack attacks 3.1 1. Phishing 3.2 2. Malware attacks 3.3 3.

Man-in-the-Middle (MITM)

Man-in-the-middle (mitm) 3.4 4.ddos 3.5 5. Breaking password (brute force) 4 how to become a hacker? 5 interest in learning more about the world of hacking? What are hackers? Illustration of a hacker in front of a computer hacker is someone who is able to exploit security holes in a computer or network. Usually, the method use is to identify the device’s security system first, then the system will be penetrat by various methods. There are many methods used. Examples include phishing, malware, mitm , or brute-force . We will discuss this in more detail later. If a computer is likened to a house, hackers Italy Business Fax List can enter through the gaps found in doors, windows, and even ventilation holes. So, do not be surprised if the hacker’s reputation is like a thief or robber. In fact, hackers are not always bad. This is because they have important skills to improve computer and network security. By identifying risky security holes.

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How to Become a Hacker?

They can prevent potential cyberattacks from arising. Well, the pros and cons of hackers can be distinguished from the type. What types of hackers are out there? Let’s see in the next section! What are the types of hackers? Masked hacker illustration actually, there are many types of hackers that you can find. Starting from the general ones such as white hat and black hat, to specific ones such as red hat and blue hat. However, below we will only discuss the most populous types of hackers, namely Mobile Lead black hat, white hat, gray hat, and script kiddies. 1. Black hat hackers as the name implies, black hat hackers make hacking a “black magic”. Because, black hat hackers are a type of hacker who uses his hacking skills for things that are detrimental. Examples include stealing data, damaging the system, or just looking for popularity.


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