To get started, we are going to see a small “checklist” of all the elements you need to start creating quality videos: A place to record . Any place can be suitable, as long as you can be heard and seen clearly. But if you are going to create videos regularly, the ideal is to have an assigned place to record, with a simple background, good lighting and few distractions. Check the background to make sure there are no elements you don’t want to appear in the video. A camera . Nowadays laptops and mobiles record very good quality videos, so you don’t need to invest an additional budget. Good sound conditions . Your recording location should have little background noise, so aim for a quiet room.

Everything you need to start recording

To improve sound quality, use headphones and hold the microphone closer to your mouth. Keep in mind that you don’t need perfect audio quality: many times, a modern mobile in a place with little ambient noise is more than enough. Keep in mind that Algeria Whatsapp Number List the microphone is usually located at the bottom of the phone, near the speaker. Adequate lighting . The most important thing is that the faces of the people in the video are fully illuminated. Natural light is what cameras capture best, so take advantage of it whenever you can. To have a reliable light source at all times, you can buy a small ring light.

Know your audience

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A program to edit videos . For the simplest videos, the video editing app on your laptop or phone may be enough. If you want to create more sophisticated Mobile Lead content, you can use specialized programs like Vidyard GoVideo, CloudApp or Camtasia. a tripod . A small flexible tripod will be very useful to place your ring light or your smartphone in different positions. Know your audience In order to make effective video marketing, you have to be very clear about who you are addressing and what you can offer them. Therefore, before recording, you should ask yourself these questions : What is my ideal client like?

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