So, it’s no wonder that linux is often use by professional hackers. Also read: 40 basic linux commands and their functions [complete!] 2. Learn c language because you will often be dealing with linux, it’s a good idea to also learn the c programming language. That said, this programming language is the basis for writing linux. The c language is also what is referreto as the “mother tongue” or the forerunner of the programming language. By mastering this language, you will of course be more flexible when it comes to tinkering with open-source tools and programs on linux. Interesting right? Also read: 12+ best linux distro recommendations 3. Mastering other programming languages to become a hacker, mastering the c language is clearly not enough. C language is relatively difficult to learn and its use is not as much as other programming languages. So, the potential to learn hacking is of course also limit. That’s why, learning another programming language is a good idea. That way, the opportunity for hacking practices is also wider. No need to be confuse, here are some recommendations for programming languages ​​that you can choose to learn: python ⎼ easy-to-learn and widely-use programming language; often use for scripting hacking programs, testing, and automating hacking programs.

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Sql ⎼ the favorite language of beginner hackers because it stores important information belonging to companies or organizations; a complete understanding of sql helps you against attacks on databases or sql injection. Java ⎼ a language that must be master when you are intereste in learning hacking specifically for mobile applications. Also read: 11+ types of programming languages: all the info you need to know 4. Learn how to become an anonymous hacker as a hacker, many Portugal B2B List of your actions involve security and legal issues. Therefore, you need to learn to hide your personal information or data to protect yourself. In other words, being an anonymous hacker. In this way, you reduce the possibility of black hat hackers or other bad people to find your trail. It’s too troublesome if later your personal data is misused by them?

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Understand network concepts furthermore, you also need to understand and master the network. Starting from the concept, how it works, to how the network is made. It doesn’t stop there. You also need to understand the different types of networks and their protocols. That way, you can know which side is vulnerable to being exploited by hackers. The easiest way to learn networking is to setup your own home network connection. After that, you can explore various other types of networks such as lan, wlan, pan, etc. Next, you can explore more deeply the use of tools such as wireshark or nmap to monitor and analyze networks. 6. Start explore deep and dark web this part may look horrifyingly delicious. Yep! This is the Mobile Lead part you probably imagined when you started learning hackers. It’s like in the movies, right? So, exploring the deep and dark web is not just for fun. You have to explore both of them because that’s where you can really learn hacking sundries. That said, the military, politicians, journalists, and institutions related to security often use the dark web to access and exchange information.


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